We are proud to be able to support God's mission in Thailand and Malawi.

Our Global Missions team meet monthly.

Global Missions serves God's mission and missionaries overseas but is also here to assist any member of our congregation who may feel called to long term or short term mission. Do you believe you are called to serve God in a mssion role overseas?

For further information contact Elaine at e.v.scurr@gmail.com or phone 486 1863

The Malawi Team will be updating a blog while away. The blog address is:  https://etmalawi.wordpress.com/

Summary of Fund-raising for Various Global Missions Projects as at 16 May 2018


Total donations $1140.00
Net income from dinner and auction $3779.98
TOTAL $4919.98
Total donations $1420.00
Toilet paper $565.00
50% Ed Sheeran $1541.10
Cheese rolls $3630.01
50% apples $572.50
TOTAL $7728.61
Total donations $3,670.00
Coffee night    $354.50
50% Ed Sheeran $1541.11
Bliss Balls   $567.00
50% apples   $572.50
Apples/Bliss balls   $311.00
Quiz night $1109.00
TOTAL $8125.11
GRAND TOTAL $20,773.70


Mission opportunities:

Asia Outreach- www.asianoutreach.org.nz

Marine Reach Ministries- www.marinereachministries.com

OMF New Zealand- www.noordinarylife.org

Open Doors (NZ) Inc- www.opendoors.org.nz

SIM- www.sim.org.nz

Teen Missions International- www.teenmissions.org

Tandem Ministries- www.tandem.org.nz

YWAM (Youth With a Mission)- www.ywam.org.nz