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Pastoral Care

East Taieri Church cares for all people, because all people matter to God. Pastoral care is about providing care and support. We are passionate about making sure people are well-cared for and supported through the different stages of life, right from birth to old age.

We take a ‘team-approach’ to pastoral care which involves three key groups:

1. Each member of our church- Pastoral care often happens organically – over a cuppa, through a text, while on a walk. And everyone in our church in some way or another does pastoral care. In Jesus’ call for us to love one another, we care for each other. And that call to care is the responsibility of each member of our church.

2. Small groups- Sometimes, we can’t care for someone by ourselves. And so, the small groups we are part of form a key part of our caring and being cared for. They know us well, and we meet with them and pray alonside them on a regular basis. It’s our responsibilty to look after the people in our small groups. And equally it should be our responsibility to reach out to our small group if we are in need. Our small group is the first group we go to for pastoral care and we challenge our small groups to actively care for others in their group.

3. Pastoral Care Team- There are also times when someone might not be in a small group (including people in homecare) or we need someone with a bit more skill and experience to help us in our need. In these cases, we have a pastoral care team. They have regular training, lots of experience and really care for folks. If you would like to draw on their wisdom then you can make contact with the pastoral care team through the office –

Go to ‘ET Cares’ to find our about our meal and wood ministries.