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Youth Ministry

Ground Zero:

A free youth programme which runs for 8 weeks during terms two and four.  Ground Zero focuses on leadership, responsibility, respect and team building. Each intake of 20 students ends with a camp which is always a highlight. Ground Zero looks at developing confidence, self-esteem, leadership qualities and many other life skills. Ground Zero has been successful due to the physical/outdoors nature of the course as well as the work and challenges done within teams. Contact:


A free youth programme held in school term three for the students who have graduated from Ground Zero the previous year. Leadership skills are further developed and more responsibility given to young people as they are pushed out of their comfort zones and taught valuable life skills. Each week the 20 students complete a variety of challenges and tasks which continue to push them out of their comfort zones as well providing both a physical and mental challenge. Students are taught to give things a go, to never give up and to work well with others. Summit also has a camp built into the course. Contact:


A free youth programme held in school term one that has been created and formed from the success of Ground Zero and Summit. This programme is for years 9-10 and has a greater emphasis on using outdoor activities and challenges to enhance the skills and abilities of young people. Learning to trust each other and work together is compulsory, as all challenges and tasks require more than one person to complete. Contact:


A weekly youth programme for students in years 9-13 held during the school term on Friday nights 7.00-9.00pm. R@NDM? is an exciting, sometimes thrilling, social environment which builds friendships, enhances values and develops life skills. Whether based at ‘The Hub’ or in the wider Dunedin area, RANDOM provides youth a place to belong. Some (of our many) highlights have included a formal dinner, car rally, beach nights, crazy food challenge night, mad pizza nights and much more! Contact:


A fortnightly programme held during the school term on Friday nights 7.00-9.00pm at ‘The Hub’ which is entertaining, exciting and a whole heap of crazy fun. Dynamyte is a place which assists in building positive attitudes and enhancing values and friendships. Some highlights include various wide games, ice-cream sundae night, Gross Food Night and Schnook Hunting. Contact:

Sunday Group:

A weekly youth programme for students in years 7-9 held on Sunday mornings at The Church 10.15-11.15pm, which explores faith, friendships and positive attitudes.


A weekly service held on Sunday evenings during term time at East Taieri Church.  NIGHT CHURCH explores faith, the bible, friendships, and positive values. NIGHT CHURCH is a great place for young people (and those young at heart) to discuss issues of faith or life issues further, as well as being fun.