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The Alpha Course

Alpha is a free course where anyone can explore life’s big questions, and discover how the Christian Faith connects with them. One session per week over 7 thought provoking weeks.

Each week meet up with new friends over good food. A different aspect of the Christian faith is focussed on, followed up by discussing the topic in small groups.

Click here to watch the first episode of the new film series.

Here is what others said about their Alpha Experience:

“Alpha was the best thing Shara and I ever did together in our life…..what have you got to lose?”

Bear Grylls

“Alpha gave me the push I needed to get out of my comfort zone…..generally the confidence to believe in myself again”


“Valuable refresher…always more food for thought”


“.. a no holds –barred, open and honest discussion, bring all the questions and things that annoy you about anything to do with Christianity or religion to Alpha. You ask a question, listen to what is said, then make a decision. If you never give it a go you’ll never know whether it was right or wrong, good or bad.”


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