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East Taieri baptises adults on profession of faith.  This means that when people have come to believe in Jesus and follow him, they tell the congregation about their faith and are baptised (usually by immersing them in water).  Baptism demonstrates that they have responded to God’s goodness, by turning away from all that is wrong and trusting in Jesus as their Saviour. 

Celebrating the gift of a child:

East Taieri Church offers ceremonies for parents to express gratitude to God for the birth of their child, and to receive God’s promises to them.

Parents who are Christians may choose to profess their own faith and promise to raise their child  in the church and to seek to bring them to faith in Jesus Christ.  The infant may then be baptised or dedicated.

Some parents want to express their gratitude to God for the gift of their child, but aren’t yet in a place to express personal commitment to Christ and promise to raise their child in the church and seek to bring them to faith in Christ.  They may choose a service of thanksgiving and blessing.

All of these ceremonies occur as part of a worship service.

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