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In 2015 Martin Macaulay, our senior pastor wrote a booklet relating to the very important topic of Leadership.

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Keeping Young People Safe in a Digital World



James Beck from the Parenting Place came to East Taieri Church to present a workshop to parents and caregivers about the changing brains, bodies and social lives of our young people and the challenges they face especially in regards to technology. James offered some practical advice and suggested the following helpful resources:


Dealing with pornography www.fightthenewdrug.org




The Parenting Place 'The Big Weekend' CD set $25, narrated by Perta Bagust and Pio Terei. Starts conversations about topics like sex and puberty, preparing children for the teen years ahead.

A new series from the Parenting Place called 'How to talk about!' The series will include articles, videos and infographics to help parents navigate those milestone conversations over the years - starting school, first phone, sex, alcohol and drugs and more.




Vodafone resource about internet safety- digi-parenting.co.nz


Parenting App-Our Pact: ourpact.com


Toolbox Parenting Courses (for 6 weeks)- specifically designed for tweens and teens. Contact Leeanne manager@etchurch.co.nz to find out when the next course is on.


The following books are available at the East Taieri Church library:


'Right Click-Parenting your teenager in a digital media world.' By Kara Powell, Art Bamford & Brad M Griffin


'Sticky Faith-Everyday ideas to build lasting faith in your kids.' By Dr Kara E Powell & Dr Chap Clark


'Sex with Attitude-A relationship handbook'



   1x1 Online Resources

Following Jesus - www.followers.org.nz

Includes: Following Jesus, Disciple-making, The Bible, Christian History


With all this suffering, how could there be a God?


Timothy Keller 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkn5lfutSrY  (8 mins)


Why does God allow pain? 

https://www.exploregod.com/why-does-god-allow-pain-video  (9mins)


Is there conflict between science and Christianity? Is faith irrational?


Timothy Keller – The Reason for God Group Study – Isn’t the Bible a Myth?  Hasn’t Science disproved Christianity? 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50j2kjlrx-4  (22 mins)


What about the Trinity? Three Gods in One?


Timothy Keller - How can Christianity be both monotheistic and Trinitarian?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuMepL0tktc  (4 mins)


Do Christians hate homosexuals?


Timothy Keller – What do Christians have against Homosexuality?



       Sam Allberry speaks about being a Christian who experiences same sex attraction:




General Resources:

See the Explore God website https://www.exploregod.com/




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