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Ceremonies can help us appropriately recognise significant events of life including, births, coming to faith, marriage, and death of loved ones.


As a Church community we are delighted to be involved in the establishment of healthy marriages and the celebration of this in a Christian wedding. As an expression of this commitment there are three areas we invite you to be involved in as you prepare for this important step together

Planning a Christian wedding …


Funerals at East Taieri Church are usually arranged through a funeral director.  

You are welcome to use our church for the funeral of your loved one.  We also have ministers available to officiate at funerals, either on site or in a funeral directors chapel. Speak to your funeral director about these options.


East Taieri baptisms adults on profession of faith. This means that when people have come to believe in Jesus and follow him, they tell the congregation about their faith and are baptised (usually by immersing them in water). Baptism demonstrates that they have responded to God’s goodness, by turning away from all that is wrong and trusting in Jesus as their Saviour.